Crown & Country Launches Internationally January 2019!

It has been long awaited, but the time has finally arrived! This Winter (January 2019) Crown & Country Magazine will re-launch internationally with the heightened luxury, class and sophistication expected of those behind this landmak publication. Over 200 full colour, high-gloss pages of Royal themes, topics and images and educationally enhanced by not only the Crown & Country team of writers, but world-renowned historians and academics. With somthing for everyone, Crown & Country Magazine sets itself apart from other "Royal" themed publications by concentrating on knowledge and education, rather than temporary gossip stories surrounding the Royal family, the constitution and the laws of succession.

This publication specialises in TRUE, non-expiring information which makes it the perfect educational tool to garner a truly in-depth understandning and knowledge of how the British Crown functions and operates. Crown & Country Magazine is a Royal themed luxury academic journal which acts as a reference periodical of Royal interest. Created with the public in mind, Crown & Country aims to educate its readership about the very issues facing, affecting and changing the way the Monarchy operates and performs in a modern twenty-first century British state.  Mixed with the rich and colourful history of the British Isles and its Royal roots, Crown & Country promises to be your go to resource for Royal education, history, news and in depth themes which explore a millenia of Royal intrigue. We hope that you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we have creating it for you!

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