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Education Matters!

Crown & Country has been designed as an educational academic periodical which not only explains the position and workings of a crowned Head of State, but supports the various reasons and beliefs as to why Constitutional Monarchy is the best form of governance for a people. It is with great hope and excitement that every reader will come away from this issue with a renewed understanding of Constitutional Monarchy and a sense of gratitude for a system of governance which has defended and guaranteed the rights of our people for over eight-hundred years.


Truth Matters!

Living in the age of "Fake News" can be difficult, especially when educating about one of the most famous families in the world and the constitutional positions which they hold. Here at Crown & Country Magazine, we only work within the scope of truth and facts. Gossip, speculation, misinformation and purposely misldeading the public for financial gain through the sale of magazines is not in the mantra or ethos of this publication. Readers can rest assured that every article and contribution is anchored in truth and fact to bring the proper education about various Royal personalities and themes to our readership.