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WHY Advertise with Us?

Advertising in Crown and Country Magazine, “Britain’s Royal Themed Luxury Periodical”, provides companies, products and organisations direct visibility to tens of thousands of our readers around the world both online and in print. As the readership of Crown and Country grows, so will the visibility of the advertisers located within the pages of this luxury magazine. Crown and Country readers come from a vast array of different demographics with most of our readers enjoying the benefits of disposable income. Royal Warrant Holders, well established companies, organisations, products and services have already joined the exclusive list of world renowned advertisers currently advertising in Crown and Country Magazine. For further information regarding advertising costing and opportunities in Crown & Country please contact:

Crown and Country Publication Advertising Specs:

Trim size: 275mm x 210mm – Portrait

• Bleed full page advert
Image area 275mm x 210mm
Type area 255mm x 190mm
Bleed size 285mm x 220mm

• Non-bleed full page advert
Image area 255mm x 190mm

• Half-page landscape advert
Image area 120mm x 190mm

• Quarter-page portrait advert
Image area 120mm x 90mm

Crown and Country Artwork Requirements:

• A high resolution PDF file, produced according to the PDFX1a specification.

• Please use ISO Coated or ISO Coated 300% for CMYK workflow and provide a digital colour proof to ensure colour accuracy when printed, otherwise colour cannot be guaranteed.

• All PDFs must contain minimum 300dpi images and must be supplied in CMYK.

Artwork Delivery:

Final high resolution PDF via FTP. All adverts are accepted at C&C discretion and may be subject to rejection or amendment. All advertising is subject to C&C terms and conditions.

If you are an exceptional upstanding establishment, service and/or product oriented business looking to reach out to those with disposable income, an interest in luxury and quality products and/or a general interest in first class services and products, then advertising in Crown and Country Magazine will allow you to reach a niche audience whilst creating a large impression on a relevant audience.

Magazine and Print advertising is money well spent for any product, company or organisation. Studies have shown that magazine advertising can offer brands a return on investment of 130%, making it one of the most rewarding media channels for businesses. Magazine advertising presents businesses with the opportunity to generate high-impact visual coverage of their brand in front of relevant and engaged audiences. Print publications are proven to cover a vast range of general and specialist topics and areas, allowing your business/product/organisation to target those of specific interests and of a specific demographic. Alternatively, your industry can opt for a more general approach by targeting the most-read and highly specific/targeted publications.

The long-lasting nature of magazines guarantees your advertising campaign a longer ‘life.’ Whilst other print publications may have a specified shelf life due to old news dating fast, magazines are read and re-read as they’re left in waiting rooms, on trains, in offices or around stations. This ensures that your campaign can still be generating exposure for your brand weeks – or even months – further down the line. With the average magazine picked up and re-read nearly six times, this extremely large market is one which you really can’t afford to miss out on. As Crown and Country Magazine is a “reference periodical” without expiring news and information, your advertising campaign will remain relevant for not just months, but years.

Many high-end magazines such as Crown and Country carry prestige and status with their title, this is why many Royal Warrant Holders, Royal associated organisations and establishments of superior quality and service have already started their advertising campaign within the pages of Crown and Country Magazine. By advertising in and associating with Crown and Country Magazine, your advertisements will become synonymous with the quality and reputation of “Britain’s Royal Themed Luxury Periodical”.

For more information about advertising opportunities, please contact

What are your annual advertising tariffs?

We work closely with our advertisers to keep costs down. For a rate sheet and to further discuss advertising with Crown & Country Magazine, please contact our advertising department:

Do you offer bespoke advertising packages?

Yes, we are happy to work with companies and services to fully promote thier brand in the ways which matter to them, whilst keeping true to the mantra and ethos of this publication.

Do you have advertising account managers?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable account representatives are available to assist you with any and all advertising needs you may have whilst advertising within the pages of our luxury publication.