Crown & Country Magazine

Vol 1. Issue 1 New – Special Inaugural Double Issue

January/February/March 2019


  • The Monarchy, An Institution Fit for Purpose
  • Her Majesty’s Job
  • The Royal Face on Metal
  • Lepers, Red Bricks, Liaisons and Royals: St. James’ Palace
  • A Royal Connection: The Queen and Her Armed Forces
  • Le Lettre De Créance – An Interview with HM Diplomatic Corp.
  • Dignified and Efficient – The Two Branches of the British Constitution
  • Two Great Queens
  • Traditional Architecture for a Traditional Nation
  • Charles The Green Prince
  • Libertarians, Monarchists and Republicans: The Inevitable Revival of Monarchy
  • From the Royal Kitchens - Royal Chef Rob Kennedy Recipe Contribution
  • A British Experiment - Australia Contribution 1
  • Dargie Wattle Portrait – Cover Art, Portrait Artist
  • Battle Stations Queensland – Australia Contribution 2
  • Red Pennies – Who pays the Royal Bills
  • Is It Warranted – The meaning of a Royal Warrant
  • Papua New Guinea: Her Majesty’s Mysterious Realm
  • First and Last Queen of Canada
  • The Monarchy’s Modern Marvel: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
  • Royal Recycling – Jewellery of the Windsor Women
  • GSM Mott Interview

2018 in Review:

  • Royalty and the Modern Olympic Games
  • Sapphire Stability
  • Harry & Meghan: Britain’s New Multicultural Monarchy
  • Celebrating the Anglo-America Union by: Royal Portrait Stephen B. Whatley
  • Royal Weddings: Princess Eugenie and Lord Ivar Mountbatten

We Will Remember Them: The Centenary of The Great War – 1914 -1918

  • Windsor by Royal Proclamation, The Centenary of Britain’s’ Royal House
  • Royal Wings: The Royal Airforce and it’s 100 Years of Royal Association